It sounds like MBA ECOMMERCEवाला offers two main services:

1. Education in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing: This service involves providing courses or educational programs to individuals interested in learning about e-commerce and digital marketing. Upon completing the course, the students are offered business or income source opportunities, which could include assistance in starting their own e-commerce ventures or finding employment in related fields.

2. E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Services: In addition to education, MBA ECOMMERCEWALA also offers services directly related to e-commerce and digital marketing. This could involve assisting businesses with setting up their online stores, optimizing their digital marketing strategies, or providing other related services to help them succeed in the online marketplace.

These services cater to individuals and businesses looking to either learn about or improve their presence in the E-Commerce and Digital marketing sectors.

Manik Rane
Director & CEO
MBA  E-Commerceवाला 
The Retake Consulting

8+ Year Experience  in  field  of  E-Commerce & Digital 
MBA in  Completed coursework in  E-Commerce & Digital  , Market Research  Analysis 

BBA in Completed coursework in IT Skills - Advanced, Business Communication: Operation and Reporting, Sector study: Trading and Retail, Sector study: Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Data Management and Analysis, Customer Feedback and Grievance Management, and Sector study: IT Infra Support Services.